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AIMS-STM is a leading provider of Capital Gains Tax (CGT) software for Australian shares and Managed funds to accountants and financial institutions across Australia. We pride ourselves in fast and accurate capital gains tax calculation and we maintain one of the most comprehensive databases of corporate actions from 1985 to date.

Our STM software combined with the new Autobuild software allows you to quickly calculate the tax costs and parcels on an ongoing basis or for reconstruction work. Simply enter in the clients trades and select the relevant corporate action option (e.g. reinvestment plans or Max Cash for takeovers) to calculate your realised, income and unrealised positions. There is no need for Excel worksheets, interpreting complex takeover documents or keying in the distribution components: we have done the work for you. Because our database goes back to 1985, the STM software is ideal for reconstruction and deceased estate work.

We also provide a portfolio reconstruction service where we can rebuild the portfolio tax costs for you.

CGT View, is a new tax focused data portal to Australian CGT Data that provides access to an easy to use catalogue of:

  • Daily Corporate Activity Data for ASX stocks
  • Corporate Activity for Managed Funds
  • Price data
  • Tax rulings and associated documents
  • Data updated weekly

For more information please contact sales@cgtview.com.au or visit www.cgtview.com.au